Section XIII.


This section contains a short address to Mr. Moore.

To Mr. Joseph Moore. 

Reverend Sir!

I have concluded my reply to your strictures on my treatise. I believe none of your arguments against my treatise, have been passed over in silence. You are at liberty to write some strictures on this reply, and if you can point out errors in it, I shall thank you. It is known to you, that my treatise on baptism, is not written against any particular society, of people nor individual; hence you had no just provocation, to commence an individual controversy. You might have published your sentiments on the subject, without any personal reflections. But since you have made the beginning, I hope yon will not be offended at the plainness of speech, which is found in this reply. Sir! your strictures have not offended me; though, they have put me to the disagreeable task of replying. Should you decline writing any more on this subject, I hope you, or some of your brethren, will meet me in the presence of a publick assembly, for the purpose of debating it, more minutely in a friendly manner. If you agree to do so, you will please to let me know it; so that we may mutually appoint the time, and place of meeting; and also, devise an equitable plan of conducting the controversy.