A System Of Dogmatics


System Of Dogmatics

Outline Notes

Based On Luthardt And Krauth

  1. Introduction to Dogmatics. Second Ed. 1896.
  2. Theologia. 1902.
  3. Anthropologia. 1912.
  4. Christologia. 1913.
  5. Soteriologia. 1914.
  6. Pneumatologia. 1915.

The Doctrine Concerning The Church.

  1. The Doctrine of the Church. 1903.
  2. The Doctrine of Holy Scripture. In press.
  3. The Doctrine of Holy Baptism.
  4. The Doctrine of the Lord’s Supper.
  5. The Doctrine of the Ministry. 1907.
  6. The Doctrine of the Last Things.


Revere Franklin Weidner, D.D., LL.D.

Professor and Doctor of Theology in the Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary at Maywood, 111.


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