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Easter at the Park

Here in Ginowan City we have this huge park 5minutes from the church. Japanese parks are amazing. They are taken care of, have exercise equipment and great slides for the kids, as well as...


Easter Morning Breakfast

Today is Easter! We are celebrating our Lord risen from the dead. Jesus resurrection is His triumph over death. Because of Him we too will rise again when we die. It is a fact!...


The Tohoku Team

The team shared about all that happened in Tohoku during their trip there. They told stories of working with children, cleaning houses filled with black silt from the tsunami. There was so much damage,...


Good Friday Fellowship

Today is Good Friday. Tonight we are getting together with a potluck at the cafe. The Tohoku team that left on Monday has arrived back safely and will share soon. Right now we are...



Today our brother Nelms shared his testimony during morning devotions. Nelms is a great brother and it is a joy having him here in Okinawa this semester.


Joel’s Pancakes

Every Thursday we have pancakes for breakfast here at the cafe. Here is a picture of today’s. Thanks Joel for some good pancakes before class!


Luther on Galatians 2:20

What is the benefit of putting our faith in Christ’s word of forgiveness? Let us hear Luther… Since Christ is now living in me, He abolishes the Law, condemns sin, and destroys death in...


Hebrews Class

Every morning form 9:30-11:30 is Hebrew class. This is my favorite class. I first went through Hebrews a year ago just after I had graduated from Bible college. The first was very formative, coming to...


Men’s D – BOB

BOB is a mens bible study held at the CAFE every Monday night. This night was my turn to teach and I had found 100% banana chips for ¥19 (about 20cents). So I bought...


Morning Prayer

Dietrich Bonhoeffer often stressed the importance of morning prayer in his book “Psalms: the Prayer book of the Bible”. Here is his morning prayer “O God, early in the morning I cry to you....