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Okinawa Fish Market

On Tuesday we went on a trip to the okinawan fish market. It was alot of fun. We ate fried fish and raw salmon on rice. Keep Chuck (above) in your prayers. He is...


Devotion with Yoshua and Tatsu!

This morning Joshua invited me to come with him and Tatsu to thier weekly devotions at Macdonalds. When we got their we ran into Joshua’s mum, she was excited to see us. Yoshua taught...


Making Miso!

Everyone is leaving and it is now up to me to make the miso soup in the mornings. I asked Tamiko to teach me how to make it today, and I think it came...


Hannah’s Graduation Party

Hannah is graduating from school and heading to college. I’ve known for 4 years now and she has been a great help in youth group. Please keep her in your prayers. She will be...


Working on the Front

How many guys does it take to change a light bulb, I mean, take some bolts out?? 🙂


Worship W2

The power is back on, and we are getting ready to worship tonight at W2 (Worship & Word). We moved the sign behind the church. It had hit a truck parked on opposite side...


Typhoon Service

Last night a big typhoon came over Okinawa. We were prepared for it and had typhoon proofed the church. What we didn’t know was that the wind would be so strong that it would...


Semester is Finnished

The semester has ended and the students are heading home. This week is going to consist of alot of grading. The students have worked hard, and it has been a blessing to know them...


The Pastors

The pastors gathered for questions and answers. They spoke about their different ministries the Lord has them in, also about their work in Tohoku, and gave advice to those going into ministry. It was...



This morning Mark from England via NZ and Hungary is leading us in morning worship. It is a blessing to have this brother here. Here is leading up the New Zealand CCBC campus. Please...