I am a 11990554_10153736987446133_9016799195419958550_nmissionary from Australia in Japan. I have been in Japan since May 2006. Currently I am a teacher at CCBC Okinawa. My favourite classes to teach so far include, Hebrews (the book), Prison Epistles (with Galatians thrown in!), and Church History (Paul, PolyCarp, Athanasius, Chrysotom, Luther!). I also have enjoyed teaching Dogmatics a semester here and there as well!

Romans 5:1 says “Therefore, being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ“. Many years ago as a missionary I began to go through severe doubts if I was actually saved or not. I was influenced by Calvinist preachers with an emphasis on bearing fruit to know if one was saved or not. The more I looked inside myself the less I found. I was waiting for some experience where God would saved me miraculously. But none never came. Instead the Lord taught me to trust simply in His Son Jesus and not to focus on all my doubts and fears. It was there, in Jesus alone, that I found perfect peace, joy, and all my fears lifted.

What is stopping you from trusting wholly in Jesus now? Let go of your fears, your doubts, and your sins; it’s time to trust in Jesus alone.