Tutorial – Install Polaroid Dust and Scratch Remover on OSX Sierra

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  1. Gerard says:

    I want to thank you for having taken the time to write the article dealing with the Polaroid Dust and Scratch removal software.
    This one is a time saver considering that I will be scanning a lot of my slides and negatives in the course of my retirement. No matter how careful you are, there is always dust….

    This program is a dust buster, turned out that your instructions are clearly written and effectively get you to the resulting installation of the operating software

  2. DennisK says:

    Thanks a lot for your effort making this tutorial. The Polaroid D&S may be old but it’s a real gem. I use it to remove dust particles that appear when doing table top photography. No matter how careful you are you will always get dust particles on black objects. There is no app or Photoshop plugin I know of which can remove Dust and Scratches like this one can. I wonder how you knew that mfc42.dll was needed to make this run…
    The dialog box to install POL_install_mfc42 was however blank so I couldn’t install the Polaroid program at first. If this happens to anyone, here’s what I did: I installed Mac OS in VirtualBox and the loaded PlayOnMac. It properly showed that dialog and I was able to install POL_install_mfc42. I then copied the PlayOnMac app and the downloaded XQuartz.app (in Utilities) out of Virtualbox and to my Mac (you can use iCloud for this), making sure I put XQuartz into the Utilities folder. I started PlayOnMac and followed the instructions in this tutorial. Worked great.

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